Poem to use

If you don’t have a poem in mind or are struggling to find one then try choosing from the list below.

The conditions are that you don’t alter the words and you must credit the author.

Alternatively if you are a poet who would like to submit a piece for someone to dramatise then send your work through info@poetryinfilm.com and it will be added to the list. 

Gate Knowledge
A Method In Madness
War with Self
No Never Stupid
Love and Lagniappe
The Beach
THERE IS ANOTHER SKY by Emily Dickinson
Chance Meeting
Crina-Ludmilla Cristea


A late dream,in the morning-a jump;
On twilight-dark blue-an early dream...or late?
A white thought...or black?...
Anyway,it falls-fire and ice:
  "You have to chose,but not always...";
After it,others-fall:
  "Many times it doesn't avoid us:
the unavoidable wets us,burns us,freezes us;
Other times it dries us,it pushes us,it melts us...
                             ...Surprises us!"
Fall black thoughts white...cold and hot...!

Fall in dream...which dream?-Reality?...
Fall...in Middle Univers!....!


          ----Crina-Ludmila Cristea