Poem to use

If you don’t have a poem in mind or are struggling to find one then try choosing from the list below.

The conditions are that you don’t alter the words and you must credit the author.

Alternatively if you are a poet who would like to submit a piece for someone to dramatise then send your work through info@poetryinfilm.com and it will be added to the list. 

I Wrung My Hands
I Can\'t Find You
Sarah Lee Jones
Chance Meeting
The Angel
Guys Poem
The Tunnel
I'm Only Hanging Around
Alex Ferguson

I’m only hanging round
in this old man’s skin
Because I must’ve fell asleep
Or what
And somebody has run off        
With my young man’s skin                  
And left me this old wreck                  
Unfit for living in.

The young man’s skin                       
 I ran and leapt and swam
and created merry hell in
that I laughed in, wept in,
that I loved you in
Has gone.
If you see an old man
in a young man’s skin,
He’s the thief
That stole my skin from me.
I must’ve fell asleep
Or what.

But he stole it from me.
The skin I lived in, ran, jumped and swam in
got drunk in, sobered up, wrote wonderful poetry
and stories so sublime in
Was stole from me.

So I guess that’s why I’m hanging round.
I must’ve fell asleep
Or what.
But someone stole my time from me.