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Port of Tyne/Anoymous
Port of Tyne launch video >
Feet/Paul Smyth
A dream that came reality. Special thanks to Safaa. launch video >
A Method In Madness/Scott McGee
At that point when things are low in your life, you find the light to help you back. launch video >
a soldier\'s story/jac miller
a story written and narrated by a British soldier called to Ireland launch video >
Catharsis/Owen Tooth
This film was the graduation piece by Owen Tooth on a film degree. It was shot on 16mm and has... launch video >
Philosophy/Michelle Hobby
Melancholic meanderings on life. launch video >
The furthest distance/QIN SI, YU HUANG, XIAOCHANG YAO, Di Qin, DOTUN
A lonely woman always waits her husband. launch video >
The Road Not Taken/Marc Rogers
An experimental piece of film based on the poem by Robert Frost launch video >
Do not stand at my grave and weep/Mary E. Frye
A young girl is found dead by her older sister, and through her weeping she is visited by the... launch video >
Kittens/Rebecca Wagstaff
My 3 little kittens being cute. launch video >
A Nightmare/W.S.Gilbert
This poem is my interpretation of the poem a nightmare i made it so that the images related to... launch video >
Memories/Zoe Wilkinson
Memories aren't meant to be forgotten and things will always stay in your mind. Bad or Good launch video >
Jack the Ripper/Joe Fort/ Living dead dolls
Poem interpretation of Jack the Ripper for College. launch video >
The Little One/Jeremy Minthiha Wunna
It is about one kitten make the whole family a bundle job. launch video >
Looking Through Windows/Neelam Shah
I made the visuals for this poem about life. launch video >
The Angel/Layla Brain-Sendall
A short film based around the poem 'The Angel' by William Blake. Filmed at Devil's Dyke, Sussex. launch video >
War with Self/Jasmine Robinson
Self esteem issues launch video >
Warmonger Docks/James Tate
A metaphorical angle on the human condition. launch video >
Chance Meeting/Suzi Rapoport
A Chance Meeting between a poet and a puppet in a pizza restaurant. launch video >
The Eye of One May See Darkness/Aaron Nepoose
A Quatern Poem that tells truth. launch video >
Aquarelle/Stanka Gjuric
Reflexive video poetry launch video >