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Browse through the video wall and watch films about the romantic side of life.

Digital Love/Written & Directed by: Aaditi Dutt Sound by: Laura Porutyte Special thanks to: Rahat Kulshreshtha
Flash Animation made based on a poem written using the Surrealist Exquisite Corpse concept. Using... launch video >
I Can\'t Find You/Rumi
Searching for Rumi.... launch video >
Twilight River/Brian Dawson
A film shot on and around the River Mersey during the 'Year of Culture'. The poem began life in... launch video >
The Boys/Tom McPhee
A short film I made to illustrate a poem written by a friend of mine (Francesca Ashcroft). A mix... launch video >
Cream/Ifa Bumi
Cream Ifa Bumi (Musoetry 2009 Release) launch video >
THERE IS ANOTHER SKY by Emily Dickinson/Boris McGooligan
A poem for those who cannot see that love is just in front of them. launch video >
I Wrung My Hands/Gabriel Foster Prior / Mateusz Czuchnowski Inspired by the poem by Anna Akhmatova
Created especially for the competition by Gabriel Foster Prior and Mateusz... launch video >
I\'m in Heaven/Ryan Norton
In this video, there is my interpretation of love, it explains of how a couple love each other... launch video >
Gate Knowledge/Michael Pollick
Love poem based on the proverb of the virtuous woman from the Old Testament. launch video >
Love and Lagniappe/Michael Pollick
Lagniappe is a Cajun word meaning "a little extra". This romantic poem explores that idea a... launch video >
Makebelieve Ballroom/Michael Pollick
An older man recalls his days spent dancing with his wife while listening to the big band sound... launch video >
Immunes/Michael Pollick
An examination of love lost and love remembered. launch video >
The Tunnel/McGooligan Films
An Original Poem illustrated with timelapse photography and filmed within the Tyne Pedrestrian... launch video >
The Beach/McGooligan Films
Inspired by the wild seas on the northeast coast  launch video >
Memories/Surbiton High School
Starring Nimra Shahid. Written by Helena Shaw. A girl revisits the places where she spent time... launch video >